Proper’s Autumn Nectarine Delights


Cannabinoids: 5mg THC

Allergens: Coconut

Flavor: Berries, fruity, and sweet

Shelf life: Best within the first year it has been manufactured

Flavors: Berries, sweet, and fruity

Dietary Labels: Gluten-free, all-natural, non-GMO, and vegan

Packaging contents or quantity: 20 delights which contain a total of 100mg THC

Serving: 1 delight is enough

Juniper berry, nectarines, cane sugar, water, MCT coconut oil, cannabis flower rosin, non-GMO citric acid, tapioca syrup.

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Proper can be your favorite go-to favorite site for all you need in a product. Proper has spent countless hours testing their cannabis products in order to find out which one is the best for you. It means that the company cares for you, and that is why it holds one goal, discovering the right products that will suit the users’ needs.

Expert ratings are very important. Every score and review is developed by small groups of experts who are passionate about their work. The committee at Proper receives blind samples with no brand name attached, zero packagings, and no room for any kind of special treatment or bias. They built an app that the committee uses to measure, record, and characterize all available feels throughout the whole high.

A product must generate a good score from 60+ distinct data points, with at least two sessions, and any other key data shared with the consumer remains raw and unfiltered. This ensures a high level of transparency and honesty, which helps to build trust and a good relationship with the consumers.

About Autumn Nectarine Delights
Nectarine Delights are ranked among the top edibles for providing a feeling of euphoria. It is a great treat for date night, as well as a general any-time mood booster and a reliever of aches and pains. As the committee at Proper company rates the nectarine delights, the data is collected through the app, and then everything is reported at their website.

Nectarine delights information
Before the product is rated, the Proper company team ensures that it scraps the product’s scores on the internet, with the aim of getting the most accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information about each and every batch of products.


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