Platinum’s chocolate caramel


Important reminder: It is recommended to wait for about 90 to 120 minutes before deciding to take another caramel.

Chocolate contains caramel flavor (cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa beans, dry milk powder, vanilla, and natural caramel flavor), cannabis oil, and sea salt.


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At Platinum, life is better. They are enthusiastic about their work of creating and crafting the highest and best quality products. In addition, they ensure the product is affordable to the consumers. Platinum always has its customers’ experience in mind when designing and developing its products. They are convenient and vary in taste and flavor.

At Platinum, they’re all about family, because a father and his son started the company. They work tirelessly with master farmers to produce a variety of products by using high potency oil and cannabis extracts.

Platinum cares about what they do, and they always work hard to bring you a range of well-certified and superior products to choose from. This unwavering dedication makes it a joy to buy their products.

Platinum’s mission is to be the leader of the cannabis industry by using innovative thinking, responsibility, and honesty. They hold themselves to the highest standard possible. Platinum considers all the consumers who buy their product as part of their family.

Quality matters at Platinum
The oil extraction at Platinum starts by selecting the finest and best cannabis plants to be extracted. The farming partners are good at their work of crafting, they ensure that the cannabis flower is of high potency and pesticide-free. The Platinum cartridges have 90%+ THC, this produces an immediate and very powerful effect.

About the Chocolate caramel
The chocolate caramel has 100mg of THC, with a slight and sure hint of caramel and a fine touch of the best Maldon sea salt.

Are you wondering how you should eat caramel chocolate? Worry not! If it is your first time, you should start with half a square, which is about 2.5mg of THC. If you passed it for a while, you could try out one square, 5mg of THC. If you frequently enjoy caramel, you can take 1 to 2 caramel squares between 5 to 10 mg of THC.

So, now that you’ve taken some, how long until the effects kick in? The duration depends entirely on the person taking the caramel and the amount taken by the person. But in general, the experience of the caramel will be for about 4 to 10 hours.

The chocolate caramel is processed in a place that manufactures products that may contain the following: soy, milk, and wheat.


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