Kiva Chocolate Bar


Content: 5mg THC per serve and 100mg THC per bag.

Flavors: Milk, dark, blackberry, mint, midnight mint, toffee crunch, churro, raspberries and cream, peppermint, munchies milk, and espresso chocolate.

Storage: You should store the chocolate at 20-25 degrees C (68-77 F)

Directions: First, start with a single piece and wait for about two hours to experience the full effect

Servings per package: Twenty

Serving size: A single piece of 2.8g

Warning: Reproductive and cancer harm

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Kiva company has a sweet story: a young couple of cannabis lovers decide to look for ways to create a better edible experience that was also legal for consumers. Scott and Kristi Palmer were inspired when they visited a local chocolatier, which made them start crafting the first-ever Kiva bars. The experiment took place in their home kitchen, and they did not realize they are developing a premium edible product.


In the past few years, Kiva’s customer support has made the family-owned business the leading edible brand. Their customers seem absolutely loyal to the brand. That tells you about the product of Kiva, particularly their high quality and the overall customer satisfaction with their experience. Today Kiva employs over 200 passionate employees who always work to give the best quality products. Kiva has also added Petra, Camino, and Terra to their list of premium products.

Consistent quality
Quality attracts customers, including you. Most people prefer quality products that make them feel they have gotten what they have paid for. Consumers also need to know what they are consuming exactly; that is why Kiva company was among the first to impose stiff stringent standards for production, potency, testing, and packaging. Kiva believes that the principles of efficacy, food safety, and consistency are vital in creating a high-end edible product that delivers on its promises.

Natural ingredients
Kiva’s commitment to the highest quality ingredients still remains constant throughout the line-up of its products. Their process involves the use of locally grown cannabis, all-natural flavors, and sustainably sourced cacao that gives you the best feeling ever. Their passion and consistency towards ensuring quality is what makes them a leader in the edible market.

About the Kiva Chocolate Bar
The chocolate bar is unique, and with multiple flavors, it all depends on what you want. Using 57% sustainably sourced chocolate infused with clean cold pure water hash, will give you a delightful moment that you always wanted.

Ingredients of Kiva chocolate bar
Semisweet chocolate (sugar, cocoa, sunflower lecithin, butter, vanilla, unsweetened chocolate), a cannabis extract.

Nutritional information
The chocolate bar contains the following nutrition: vitamin D mcg, iron mg, protein g, dietary fiber g, sodium mg, and total fat g.



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