FriscoLabs’s C gummies


Flavors: Cherry, strawberry, blue watermelon, mystery, and blue raspberry.

Usage: Use half of every gummy

Additional information
Six gummies in every pack
240 mg of Delta 8 in every pack


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FriscoLabs is a new and innovative company that maintains a primary focus on smoke-able hemp flowers. They acquire most of the premium high-quality, small-batch plants that are then selected by hand. Later, they are freshly harvested every quarter. It is a process that guarantees one of the best high-end final products.

The FriscoLabs flowers are checked, and quality is controlled by a third-party testing company that is non-affiliated to ensure potent, clean, and pure hemp. Their products do not contain any impurities and chemicals. FrascoLabs’ hemp comes in a raw form that is in a consumable format. From the unaltered and untouched tops of the plant hemp flower, they create high-end products. Their price remains unmatched by their competitors, and they are superior in their client services.

About FriscoLabs’s C gummies

The product is low sodium and free from fat, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, artificial sweeteners, and gluten. The product is also allergy-friendly; therefore, you do not need to worry if you have any allergies.


Water, sugar, gelatin, organic corn syrup, pectin, organic hemp oil, and citric acid

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You should try any of the products mentioned above if you want to get the best THC edible experience. They have been tested and certified by independent labs, so you can feel safe and secure buying any of them.

Our research is credible since we compared multiple data points and analytics for this list. So feel free to explore it and find the best THC edible for your personal needs.


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