Coda Signature Cannabis Confection chocolate bars


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Cannabis Content: The chocolate edibles contain 100mg THC – 20 pieces of each bar, 5mg THC for each serving.

Flavor Notes: Spiced crumble, Ecuadorian white chocolate, lemon


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Coda Signature has a mission of elevating the cannabis experience, just like music elevates our life. What else could you want? Do not settle for less. Settle for something with a higher value.

Founded in 2015, the Coda Signature Company had the vision to become a bearer of excellence in the cannabis industry. Music being their muse and cannabis their medium, Coda Signature produces products infused with cannabis to give the consumers the best, most inspiring experience.

Coda Signature embodies decades of the best collective experience which ranges from classical French and organic chemistry training to classy entrepreneurship and industrial design. The signature team is known for embodying many elements of passion, knowledge, whimsy-working, and courage with an aim to attain proper execution at every stage of production.

This company believes in producing and utilizing the highest quality cannabis oil distillate for their products. Coda Signature is known to elevate the cannabis experience just as music elevates the life of people. When you taste their products, you experience a full symphony of flavors and sensations.

In music, a coda product represents the sensation created by the musical language that has a piece delivered embodying a distinct expression of its own level. It’s a fitting name for a unique company that’s in a league of its own.

Coda Signature core values
Excellence: Urgently and continuously driving improvement to its products. They demand constancy and excellence in every tiny effort applied.

Responsibility: Exceeding the compliance standards and safety in all their products and processes.

Communication: Maintaining transparency and consistency. They also listen keenly and respond more thoughtfully.

Innovation: Proactively driving new ideas, which helps them to maintain high-quality standards and employ input from its customers, peers, key performance metrics, and partners. Coda empowers its team to be focused, data-driven and responsive.

Mutuality: Investing in strong partnerships. They also build mutual benefits and gain with retailers, investors, peers, suppliers, and customers for sustained growth.

About chocolate bars – cream and crumble
The cream and crumble chocolate bars will make your escape to the Rockies more satisfying, with its pleasing buzz. Creamy with a tiny hint of crunch, Coda Signature’s sweet cannabis named cream and crunch creates a blissful moment that drives you to take that first-ever bite of high-quality luscious cheesecake.

Crafting the signature chocolate
Each piece of the signature chocolate bar starts with legally sourced cacao that meets the needed quality standards. The cacao beans found in the chocolate bars can be traced back to certain regions of South America. Every chocolate variety comes with a differing taste and character.


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